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11/23 WOS & JCR Seminar

11/23 WOS & JCR Seminar11/23 WOS & JCR Seminar
  • Source: 讀者服務組
  • Date: 2022/11/10

Since you want to submit a journal successfully and quickly find the direction of the paper, why don't you come to the WOS & JCR Seminar held every semester by the library!?

There is also a chance to get LINE POINTS 100 points!

# Points about WOS & JCR Databases that may surprise you

․ WOS database contains SCIE, SSCI, AHCI, ESCI, BKCI and other sub-series.
․ WOS & JCR have been continuously subscribed by TAEBDC since 1997, and are open to teachers and students of national technical colleges and universities for free access.

Want to know more?

【Date】November 23rd (Fri) 10:00~12:00
【Location】Cisco Webex Meetings (Email the meeting room link after registration deadline)
【Registration Website】https://webapp.yuntech.edu.tw/Activities/Activities/Details?activityID=62025