YunTech Library News
Date Topic Department Read
2020/07/10 New arrivals 7/06-7/10Planning and Development Division2
2020/07/07 Summer Vacation Service HoursPlanning and Development Division1
2020/07/07 7/8~7/15Book Inventory ControlPlanning and Development Division0
2020/07/03 New arrivals 06/29-07/03Planning and Development Division3
2020/07/03 Free Trial for LiteraturePlanning and Development Division2
2020/07/02 Digital Reading Quiz ContestPlanning and Development Division4
2020/07/02 2020 Love Reading ExhibitionPlanning and Development Division4
2020/07/02 Books on Selected SubjectPlanning and Development Division3
2020/07/02 Thesis System Out of ServicePlanning and Development Division4
2020/06/29 NCKU Online OA LecturePlanning and Development Division3

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