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About Us



YunTech Library is to provide professional library services to support academic and research need of students and faculty. In a spacious, relaxed and elegant physical learning environment, here provides users with personalized oriented information services by utilizing modern information management skills, automation technologies and digitalized collections. In addition, here also offers numerous educational extension programs and activities to ensure supplying diversified services and lifelong learning opportunities for users.

YunTech Library covers an area of 16,529 square meters, and already has more than 1.3 million volumes in its collections. It is also in charge of purchasing online databases in all subject areas for technological universities nationwide.



1F  Lobby, YunTech Archives

In the ground floor of YunTech Library, here includes Art Dispaly Hall, Main Circulation Desk, New Book Display Area, etc. In Art Display Hall, there collects valuable art works, and periodically holds art exhibitions and related activities for the public. Our main circulation desk provides general information and circulation services for users. Besides, not only weekly newly arrived books are exhibited in New Book Display Area for users to browse and borrow, but also we selects different subjects on a monthly basis and displays in Books on Selected Subject Area to promote the use of library collections.

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YunTech Archives Entrance

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Founder President Zhang Wenxiong's
Research Room Situation Area

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Successive President Zone

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Archive Collections

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Main Circulation Desk

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Automated Book Check-out System & Sterilizer

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New Book Display Area

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Books on Selected Subject Area

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Art Display Hall

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YunTech Archives

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Digital Reading Area

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Selfie Zone


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Circulation Services

Users should enter the library with a valid identification card issued by YunTech or YunTech Library. Faculty and students can use university ID card to access and check out all library materials.

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Art Activities

Art Display Hall not only collects valuable art works, but also periodically hold art exhibitions and related activities for the public.

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New Book Display and Notification

Weekly latest arrived books on display in New Book Display Area for users to browse and borrow.

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Books on Selected Reading Subject

Selecting books in different specific subjects on a monthly basis is to promote the use of library collection.

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Automated Book Check-out System

Self Check-out System is an automated book check-out system connected to YunTech Library's computerized circulation module and security book gate system. Users can independently checked out library materials on their own.


1F & 2F Instruction & Research Support Center  

Instruction & Research Support Center provides various service, like reference, interlibrary loan, information retrieval, study consulting and technical writing consulting. Also, this center not only supplies over one hundred kinds of electronic database and approximately 629 thousand volumes of e-books for free, but also collects various reference materials, thesis and dissertations, maps and atlas. If you have any questions, libraian at the reference desk offers professional reference service to help readers search library resources.

Information Retrieval Area
Print Service
Thesis Collection Area
Studying Consulting Room
Reference Service Counter
YunTech Specialized Subject Collection
Technical Writing Instruction Room

Reference Service:

The reference librarian provides professional reference service to help readers search library resources.


Interlibrary Loan Service:

YunTech Library provides efficient interlibrary loan and document delivery service throughout the associated libraries in the nation.

NDDS / YunTech Collaborative Library Resources Sharing Service


Information Retrieval Service:

Users can search various databases, e-journals, e-books and other information on the Internet with fully equipped facilities.


Study Consulting Service:

Students can make a reservation through online system in advance, and have discussion, meeting or professional advisories with teachers in different kinds of fields.


Technical Writing Consulting Service:

Users can place technical writing consulting service request through online request system for technical writing correction and modification.


3F & 4F Periodicals Reading Area

Periodical service, newspaper service, microfiche collection, copy, and scanning services are provided. YunTech Library houses newest Chinese/Western professional periodicals and offers latest e-journal/e-book collection for user’s online search. Newspaper Reading Area collects Chinese & English newspapers for user’s research and recreational use.

Reading Area
Periodicals Stacks
Copy / Scanning Area
Microform / Readers and Printers
Newspaper Reading Area
Newspaper Reading Area
  Periodical and Newspaper Service:

This area holds about 47,000 Chinese and Western professional periodicals including about 44,000 e-journal/e-book collections, and collects 8 kinds of Chinese/Western newspapers for user’s research and recreational use.


Microfiche Collection:

Here carries over 160,000 pieces of microfiche collection of specialized research papers on various subject fields.


Copy Service:

Coin-operated copiers are provided in Information Retrieval Service Area for user’s easy access, and users can obtain copy card at 1F circulation desk.


5F ~ 7F Chinese & Western Book Stacks

Chinese & Western Book Stacks are located from 5th to 7th floors. On the 5th & 6th floors, there are 6 discussion rooms offered to support study and research need of users. Picture Book Area is a space providing various Chinese and English children's and drawing books for parents & children reading on the 5th floors.

5F Chinese Book Stacks
7F Western Book Stacks
Picture Book Area
Discussion Room
BLIA Humanistic Buddhist Research Area
Hakka Book and Culture Collection
Cultural Collection Area
Cultural Collection Area

Discussion Rooms:

Six discussion rooms located on the 5th & 6th floor are offered to support students' study and research need.


Volunteers Recruitment:

YunTech Library recruits volunteers from university and community. With the commitment of the notion “learning through serving” from the volunteers, we obtains substantial help from them to provide various library services.


Hakka Book and Culture Collection:

This area has been established in November, 2004. Orginally, it was located in Room 514 and had finished remodeling in 2011. Here has collections of Hakka-related books and would help support the development of Hakka cultural studies, education, activities.

  Cultural Collection Area:

Preserving 3,139 volumes of Chinese and western books and more than 500 pieces of relics are donated by the mother of the late Cultural Heritage Professor Chen Wei Jing on May 24th, 2010.


8F  Multi-Media Resource Center

With digital learning environment, Multi-Media Resource Center provides language learning, multi-media instruction and VOD system services. This center also provides tutorials, guidelines, and tools to help users to use eBooks facilities. Furthermore, various multi-media collections including classic movies are also offered to users for borrowing or using in the library.

Multi-Media Resource Center
Digital Learning Area
Multi-Media Materials Room
eBook Reading Area
Movie Appreciation Area
VOD System Area
Music Listening Area
Multi-Media Instruction Classroom
Seminar Room
Multi-functional Discussion Room

eBook Reading Area:

In addition to the printed books and magazines , the library has finished setting up eBook Reading Area in 2010 on the 8th floor. More than 629,000 digital books, in diverse fields, are now stored on the readers. Users can browse through the digital books clearly and easily. Providing multiple electronic sources in order to extend the fun of reading and let the readers and teachers have a chance to experience innovative services and cloud computing.


Multi-Media Resource Service:

This space features humanistic and technological layout. Fashionable and modern wall design, and comfortable reading seats make users relaxed in this kind of environment. Multiple resources, such as e-book readers, touchscreen computers for teaching and discussion, monthly popular movies, are provided for students and faculty to utilize.


9F Stacks No.9

This area collects art books belonging to the Chinese Subject Classification '900'. Therefore, the name「Stacks No.9」was given. 「Stacks No.9」has officially opened to the public since January 13, 2009. This elegant space was designed by the College of Design, which holds art and design books with call number 9 and provides readers modernistic reading area.
It collects books in different subjects, like 'General art ', 'Music', 'Architecture', 'Sculpture', 'Painting and Calligraphy', 'Photography', 'Decorative Arts', 'Artistry', 'Drama' and 'Leisure and Entertainment'.

Selected Art Book Displaying Area
Information Retrieval Area
Multi-functional Reading Area
Multi-functional Resting Area


B1F EZ Tech Space

EZ Tech Space with about 180 indoor reading seats is provided for readers to self study, hold meetings or take courses.

Southern Entrance
Northeast Entrance
EZ Tech Space Gate
Resting Area
Reading Area
Reading Area